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We are working from home, and you?

Given the current situation, we and the whole world is experiencing, during this global pandemic, staying at home is not an option, it's an obligation.

Thanks to current technologies we continue to connect, talk or make video calls with friends and family, but, what about work?

Prepared companies have been able to continue with their activity thanks to remote working, it has been shown that it is possible to be just as productive working from home with the help of the technology, as at the office.

Other companies have been very limited when it comes to continuing their activity because they did not adapt their systems or technological tools that would allow them to continue with the efforts.

The main advantages about Laycos that are:

Centralizes communication at all levels, the internal communications with colleagues and members of the organization; the external with the clients and collaborators invited to the application, or the communication open to the outside, with the users foreign to the platform and who contact through other means such as websites.

✅ It incorporates all the functionalities that help manage the information we receive: task and project manager, chats and video calls, file explorer, private messaging, email integration, office suite, database for consultation and exploitation , management of notifications, calendar and personal or shared agenda, telephone, incident manager, digital signature, digital notebooks, organization chart, among others.

Information security, since it is a certified platform in the National Security Scheme and in the ISO 27001, where all conversations are kept encrypted and files encrypted.

Accessibility, being a platform hosted in the cloud, access is through a web environment and simply by having an internet connection, it allows access from any place or device without having to install anything. It also has a mobile app.

Support and user service. Laycos allows us to maintain continuous communication with its clients, responding to all doubts or incidents that may arise, including, in addition, all the necessary consulting meetings and training, not only during the implementation of the tool, but throughout the life of the contract.

Laycos at your total disposal for 2 months

I also wanted to mention that Laycos is available to any companies that need to work remotely. Remember, you can try Laycos for 2 months, for FREE!

If you are interested, contact us, we are happy to help you further.

This blog was originally written by Davinia Arencibia

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