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10 reasons why your company should work remotely

At Laycos we planned to attend ITB Berlin, the largest international trade exhibition for professionals within the tourism sector, which was being held from the 4th till the 8th of March in Berlin. This would be 5 days of intense experience in which we were so excited to participate.

But what happened? It was canceled for health and safety reasons, due to the warning of the well-known coronavirus. Watch the video made by Tamara:

And suddenly, remote working at home was the best option for a lot of companies

Según el Diccionario de la Real Academia Española, teletrabajo es:

Ten years ago, even as technology came online that would enable people to work from anywhere, people continued to cluster in the biggest cities in what King calls the “paradox of place.” By Vox.

The most obvious reason for why people want to work remotely is because it offers them a more flexible lifestyle. When they aren't required to be in an office during a set time frame, remote employees can focus on the things that matter to them outside of the office.

Unfortunately, threats as serious as the one we are experiencing these days, has made us reconsider the concept of teleworking and assess it under another prism.

We have compiled several reasons why betting on this modality can make everyone win a lot.

Reasons to work remotely

1. Allows to reconcile work and family life


Being able to take and pick up children from school, take care of grandfather, or give medication on time to the cat is compatible with complying with labor obligations.

2. Save money


The company saves on electricity, water, office supplies or food, among others that the company gives to its workforce.

The employee will see the benefit greatly increased, by reducing the use of gasoline, or spending on public transport. But not only this.

3. Time saving


In line with the previous point, the employee saves time by saving what is invested in the journeys to work.

From the company's perspective, it is very likely that you will see how sick leave decreases considerably and those mid-day absences due to discomfort, as well.

4. Health savings


It's better to prevent than to cure. Win in quality of life by avoiding the typical traffic jams at peak times, the stress they generate and everything that is created, if we are finally late for work.

5. The environment will thank you


If you save by not using a car or public transport to go to work, imagine how it can have an impact on the environment, which is free of such a daily load.

6. Better hiring


Better, in the sense that the company can choose between a wider and diverse range of candidates for certain positions, which allow distance development.

7. Project work, salary adjustment


Work by objectives or projects can be enhanced.

The benefit for the company will be to reach those objectives and successfully complete the projects; while for the employee, it could be to make his day more flexible so that he can go on vacation at any time without neglecting his obligations or, center his work day only a few days a week.

The foregoing will influence the salary to be received. New approach, new motivation?

8. Higher productivity


Unnecessary meetings that are lengthened by talking about other matters will tend to disappear.

The telecommuting power that we get to the point to finish our tasks before. The fear of deviating from them, is paid with more extra time.

9. Increase commitment and company-employee loyalty


If both parties do not trust, it will not work. If they do trust, they will achieve great things together.

The employee tends to strive to demonstrate and value the outcome of their work.

10. There laycos

An internal communication and project management platform, with everything you need to work from anywhere, at any time, very easy.

It is true that not all professions allow teleworking all the time, but nowadays, with technological developments, it is becoming easier to promote it at least in a percentage of the day or telework some days of the week and face-to-face the rest.

In Laycos we like to start small, and grow little by little, on firm and strong bases. You want to try? Contact us.

This blog was originally written by Guayarmina Peña.

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