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"Where did I put it? Ohh, it was right here!" Discover Laycos Notebooks

Who has never lost a note? With day-to-day stress we tend to be constantly distracted or shift our focus from one thing to another. Our memory is not what it used to be, our mobiles store the phone numbers that interest us (and those that don't, too) our messages, our photos and videos... nobody needs to remember anything except the place where they left their mobile. However, it seems that there is something that survives all this digitization, and not for good, which are the "post-it" stickers.

Limited monitors, wallpaper tables, and non-closing agendas. Those little drops of color fill everything and, what is worse, they are lost or misplaced with the same satisfaction with which they are written and pasted. We use fingerprint or face recognition to unlock our favorite device, but then we snap to anyone's view what time our customer's meeting or name is even our passwords! At Laycos we know that these practices do not help our organization, nor do they respect privacy. So it has a lot to say with the notebooks functionality and integrated pages:

Use a system of notebooks and bookmarks so you can organize your notes


You no longer have to accumulate them without any reason and then not knowing where they are. In the notebook section, accessible from the main Laycos menu, you can create as many as you need and divide them with bookmarks. Although it also allows you to define your favorite things, your quick notes, because we don't always have time to assign them the best place. Or, if you are in a hurry to write something down, from the shortcut icon on the desktop (the + button) select a new page and voila!

You can paste the notes on the Laycos desktop and assign them in the color you want


For themes, for urgency, to remember... you decide how to use it.And last but not least, you can make them vibrate every so often if you want it to get your attention.How many times have we thought about calling someone in 5 minutes and have forgotten? Create a note, drag it to the desktop and by clicking on it select to notify you every 5 minutes. It couldn't be easier!

What if I'm not a typer?


So dont do it! Pages can be managed with a simple button, both from the web and from the mobile, so it is not a problem for those who are less fluent when typing.

Have you written something interesting and want to share it?

Drag the note to a chat or publication and you're done. Ready for you to save in your notebook, drag it to your desk or just see it written on the screen.

Has your computer shut down and you forgot to save it?

Don't worry, Laycos pages are automatically saved so you don't have to worry about anything other than writing it down. In addition, you can restore the page to its original state if you have thought better about the changes you have made.The Laycos notebooks are here to help you remember and find everything you need and to share when you are interested quickly and easily in a secure environment.

Here you have a short video with some of the functions of the notebooks explained in this post:

Think about it, what's the point of writing things down if you can't find them later?

This blog was originally written by Jorge Bueno

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