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Laycos receive the certification of "The Digital Workplaces Enabler 2020"

We are very happy to announce that Laycos has recently been certified in The Digital Workplace Enablers 2020 (TDWP), obtaining the level: I like my job.


What is The Digital Workplace Enablers certification?

The Digital Workplaces is a certification initiative of the Consultant Knowdital.

This certification recognizes digital tools or facilitators, which improve the employee experience, productivity, and the ability to obtain business results, analyzing the level of digitization that the tools allow in key areas for the organization.

Using the Quantified Scope Interaction Mapping (SIM) methodology, which measures the quality of the experience offered to the user, they analyze the following key areas of the work experience, through digital work environments:

Digitization of work
User experience
Labor humanization

Laycos has been certified as TDWP Enabler, at the level: I like my job

Laycos has obtained the The Digital Workplaces Enablers 2020 certification, at the I like my job level, after having analyzed how it digitizes the user experience in up to 7 different scenarios:

Meetings and availability

P2P Internal communication

Customer Communication, CRM & help desk

Workload and eficiency

Project planning and delivery

Documents, data and analytics

Engagement, corporate communication, and community



Here you can find more information about the Results:

Laycos strong point. Variety of well-ranked communication options with a fast learning curve.

The fact of always working connected, with the documentation always online and the possibility of encryption and electronic signature greatly increase the perception of security during the experience and the tranquility of the employee.

The availability of all the information to the organization makes it easier to adopt a transparent organizational philosophy with its employees.

By offering the same environment to all employees, a more equal climate is generated regardless of geographical location, time slots or team.

Laycos tone has a human voice that makes the experience more enjoyable. There are also mechanics (questions, dynamic content) that make its use pleasant.

Laycos user experience provides a unique work environment that places on-site workers with remote workers on equal terms.

By covering many areas of work, it helps the unification of information and a homogeneous experience.

We will continue working to make the digitization of corporate processes possible, to, and this phrase is not ours, but of the Knowdigital Consultant:

Prevent smart people from working foolishly, making it easier for talent to focus on value-added tasks.

This post was originally written by Guayarmina Peña.

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