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Healthy remote actions

At this stage of control, little remains to be said about how to remote work from home without killing yourself.

"Your" remote space

Among all the articles that have been shared in the last weeks, we are helping you with a Guide to work from home, published by the Spanish paper news El País, with some wonderful infographics.


Manage teams remotely

No matter how good natural light feels working or, even having the best chair on the market and taking the appropriate breaks and stretches, if we were used to going to the office every day, chatting with colleagues, holding meetings and following the actions of our team, offering feedback and motivating... for this there is also a solution at a distance, especially if you have to lead a team.

We recommend the presentation 12 key steps to manage remote teams made by the Human Resources Consultant Auren Blc. Simple, direct and useful. You can not ask for more.

People recommends, among other things, to trust our people, technology, to re-adapt some objectives to telework, create new rituals and even open a virtual cafeteria!

In addition, each area has its group chat and there they comment on how the weekend went, how they are doing with the projects, close to deadlines ...

Mens sana in corpore sana

Let's not forget about at least the stretching exercises. In a world where what is left over are resources and sources of information, we have everything to keep mens sana in corpore sana. Not all of us come with the same chip of will, perseverance and a certain discipline, the sofa calls us, but let's not forget that the next day, a few meters away, we will be saddled again for hours.


Apart from the hundreds of thousands of exercise tables of all kinds that we can find on Pinterest the video channels of Instagrams of known coaches with complete classes, there are apps for doing sports at home, in which it is possible to select from the level, duration, music or if we want to see and listen to a man or woman. Good headphones and voila! We will rest better and our body will appreciate it. In the case of many apps, some have opened their premium content until the end of confinement, it is a matter of trying.

Make technology your partner

To pass the test remote work it is essential that the communication continues flowing and to be more organized than ever.

For this, it will be necessary to hold video conferences from time to time, continue editing documents, follow up on own and team tasks, review agenda, reorganize events on the calendar ...

How many applications do you think you need?

There are many Apps on the market. Some for a single task, others that do 2 or 3 things, but very few have everything to work in perfecly in one place.


The Laycos Team wants to help your technology to get through this and make remote working easier than ever. Don'tt worry, for this we will offer you Laycos for 2 months, for free just ask us and we will help you.

This blog was originally written by Guayarmina Peña.

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