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Did you know that in Laycos...

You can discuss, receive real-time notifications, talk to people, send messages, chats with clients and colleagues, organize tasks, send files, and more, and more!!! Knowing the features of Laycos will help you a 100 percent to improve your daily work tasks, but...

What about those small actions that usually go unnoticed, however, can help you tremendously?

This is the first article of many about a new series of post, which we have decided to call Did you know that in Laycos.... We will talk about some characteristics that you probably didn't discover yet, which can give you more advantages using our platform.

Let's start!

1. Did you know that in Laycos you can change the time zone so that all publications will show the date and time based on that?

Do you travel often for work? Using this option you can adjust each conversation to the time zone wherever you are.


2. Did you know that in Laycos you can enable or disable notification of emails?

If you don't want to receive more emails when someone mentions you, you can deactivate them using this option.


3. Did you know that in Laycos you can check open sessions on different devices?

Have you entered Laycos on another computer and don't remember if you logged out? Don't worry, from this option you can consult and close any Laycos sessions that you have open.


4. Did you know that in Laycos you can mark several notifications as read simultaneously?

Use the table mode view so that you can mark multiple notifications in one instant.


5. Did you know that in Laycos you can see all the files of a thread gathered in one window?

Do you want to access the activity files and their comments at the same time? You can do it easily.


6. Did you know that in Laycos you can translate the text of any activity or comment automatically?

Several members in a network are speaking in different languages? That's no problem! Laycos can translate the text into the language you have configured.


See you in our next blog called Did you know that in Laycos...

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Sobre Tamara de Ruiter

Marketing International & Communications at Laycos Network. Born and raised in the Netherlands, speaks 5 languages. Her favorite professional quote is KISS, Keep it short and simple.
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