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Laycos guides SMEs in Dubai

About 7 hours by plane separates Dubai from Spain. A city surrounded by the veil of the most innovative luxury, which has given us many lessons, visions of the future and opportunities.

Even this impressive Emirati city moved part of the Laycos team to participate in the last September.

An exclusive meeting, only accessible by invitation to a previous selection process, created with the aim of exchanging opinions and showing about 200 UAE entrepreneurs and government representatives, technological advances of European companies and, in short, another way of doing things .

What did we discover?

In this congress we have found, not only a strategic place that serves as a gateway to conduct business and establish interesting contacts in the Middle East, but an enormous need for local businesses and organizations to learn about other ways of planning and implementing strategies international: from exports, marketing or institutional relations.

Dubai is at a key historical moment, as it has been the chosen city where the Expo 2020, an international meeting between nations of the world, will be held, in order to show the best of each country represented.

In view of this situation, strong internal communication is essential to develop and deploy all kinds of projects, not only international, but anyone that involves a group of people working with a common mission. And it is in this area where Laycos fit perfectly, getting aroused the interest of many of the attendees.

Video summary

We thank the organization of the meeting and this city and its people, the extraordinary hospitality with which we have been treated at all times and keep in touch with this place, working on the harvested dream opportunities to become earthly reality.

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