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Create, change, and share any document with Laycos

Office networks

One of the main characteristics of Laycos is that all the applications are centralized to carry out daily work with a single tool.

That's great, isn't it? You can also create, change, or edit any document within your team.

It always happened, you share a document, and then you have to change is, well that occurs most often with our users.

For this, there are office networks of:

➔ Text documents
➔ Spreadsheets
➔ Presentations

In this case, we have chosen to integrate with OnlyOffice without leaving Laycos.

How many times did it happen to you that you couldn't access a file just because it is on another computer?

With Laycos this isn't the case, you will have the possibility of creating, editing, and sharing documents in Laycos to eliminate the problem of not having access to it. Only by accessing your account from any device with the internet, you will have access to all your documents

More advantages of Laycos Office

✔ When they are created as files attached to activity on the network and therefore allow any necessary management with the document: download it, share it, send it to the signature, archive it.

✔ It's possible for collaborative editing by multiple users.

✔ Being documents that are in Laycos, we can access them from any device and anywhere without downloading them.

Now, I am going to show a video that indicates how to create and make use of office networks in Laycos.

As you can see, we work hard so that Laycos is: ** everything you need to work **.

This post was originaly written by Davinia Arencibia.

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