Laycos renews the Certificate in the National Security Scheme

Recently at Laycos we renewed the Certification of Compliance with the National Security Scheme.


It's a certification of information security of national scope in Spain, revisable every 2 years.

Aimed at guaranteeing the citizen the adequate protection of their data when they use services or technological solutions, which the Public Administration makes available to digitize and expedite procedures.

The public entities that require contracting electronic solutions or services, that are subject to ENS compliance, for involving the processing of personal data, assume the responsibility of notifying the providers of these services , especially to operators in the private sector, their obligation and willingness to display the corresponding officially recognized Certificate of Conformity, when the level required is medium or high.

And here is our brand new Certificate of Conformity in the ENS in Spanish of course because we are in Spain:


Más información: National Security Scheme, ENS - Centro Criptológico Nacional.

This post was originally written by Guayarmina Peña.

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