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What are Networks in Laycos?

As we explained in other occasions, the heart of Laycos are the networks.
Inside the networks, you can create groups and communications.

Most of the networks created in Laycos are conversation networks, which generate the bulk of communication to manage work in organizations.

The platform where all the communication is centralized in groups, with this structure, allows the information shared by all the users of a network to arrive classified and ordered.

But there are also other types of networks:

➡️ Email Networks
➡️ Office Networks
➡️ Open Networks
➡️ Survey Networks
➡️ Digital Sign Networks
➡️ Registration Networks.

Registration Networks

This time, I'm going to focus on this last typology, the registration networks.

Digitization reaches the registers

In this situation that we are currently experiencing, with the Covid-19 crisis, many companies have found it necessary to incorporate remote work in their organizations, in addition to hastily digitizing different processes.

Many of the documents that were managed in person have now been converted to a digital format. At Laycos, many of our clients have requested the creation of form templates corresponding to various types of documents that were traditionally in paper format, such as contracts, applications, control sheets...

They now have managed to continue managing the information collected through these templates, but everything digitally.

Through registration networks, it is also possible to continue to control all the documentation that an organization manages daily, in addition to serving as internal validation of said documentation.

How does it work?

The following video shows from creating a registration network in Laycos, to how it is used to register a document created through a form template. Sorry, at this moment the video is in Spanish but has the same concept visually

With the Registration Networks, you would already have it digitized

Now, let's make a summary of all this:

Laycos allows you to create various types of networks, depending on the nature of the information that you want to manage.

There are the Registration Networks, which are linked to digital form templates, this can be in the desired format of each organization, contributing to internal digital control of much of the information, which was probably previously collected on paper forms.

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This blog was originally written by Davinia Arencibia

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