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The organization chart of your company in Laycos

This function in Laycos is one of the greatest unknown features for many users of Laycos, which is very useful for user management.

But first, let's go by parts.

Where do we start?

So to begin, the organization chart of your company in Laycos is located in the Organization section of the main menu.

Why more than one organization chart?

You have the possibility to create several organization charts:

Main Organization Chart: which normally corresponds to the functional one.

Secondary Organization Charts: which can be by location, position, center, etc.

Organization charts structured by different factors, with another purposes

Once the organization chart is created, a range of possibilities opens up:

Link networks to nodes

With this functionality you avoid having to add users one by one in each of the department networks.

Thus, for example, when moving a user from one node to another, he stops seeing the networks of the initial department and automatically becomes part of the networks of the new department.


Create work teams for each of the nodes

Any user in the organization can create work teams from each of the nodes that make up the organization chart. This way you can manage access to the different work networks in a more comfortable and agile way.


Organization chart in chat

Once the organization chart has been created, it will also appear in the Laycos chat, in order to open a conversation with any user of the Organization, knowing the node where the main or secondary organization chart is located.


Here we explained just a small part of the functionality. Our developing team is working very hard, and every day so that Laycos has outstanding features for anyone that uses Laycos.

Many companies are already more productive thanks to Laycos, see the opinion of some of our customers.

Do you want to know more? Contact us.

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