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Lock Away Your Creepy Odd Secrets - Chapter III

Chapter III

-What can I get you?
Asked the bartender who looked like he hadn’t showered in weeks.

-Why do I like these slums places?
Noa asked herself at the same time she told the bartender she wanted a double whisky. The bar at the corner was always her routine stop before going home, a way to forget things she didn't want to remember of face.
Finishing the night with way more rounds of whisky she normally drinks...


She felt the world was turning around her when she tried to open the front door with her keys, thanks to those last shots of Tequila she had with the bartender.

When she entered her home, she did something she had never done before at this time at night, she turned on her old laptop. Normally, she only uses her laptop to read the news or emails from her clients.

She opened the browser and typed in for the first time.
-Amazing! I've finally learned an internet address! She exclaimed.
Like most people, she only uses Mr. Google, as she called Google trying to be funny, but apparently, she wasn't the best comedian around...

Curious, she began her research on the website of Laycos. She was very interested in all the information she read about: Problems in the internal Communication of Organizations, Time lost by employees looking for information or documents, Increase Productivity in your Workplace using... Social Technology? She, who didn't like new technologies and wasn't very social, couldn't manage to put these two words together...


In no time her face turned serious again, washing away her nice smile. She continued reading things about how Laycos helps Companies to improve the communication between people. At that moment she realized that is was all true, she understood every word, normally she would never stay that long on a website, but now she felt differently.

Between the alcohol and all the emotions Noa in one day, everything together was a bit too much to stay awake. Noa wanted to keep reading, but her eyes were closing more and more. Suddenly she read something that surprised her:

Don't worry about anything, we will help you all the way.

-Are you serious?

She understood that Laycos not only promised her to give her a full application that would improve her productivity but also help her with the implementation. She had to try this new application so she could learn more about this tool and maybe resolve the unsolved mystery of Steve's account.

In an effort to not fall asleep, she managed to fill in the contact form on the web of Laycos, pressed the Send button and then she fell asleep right next to her laptop.


-You've got mail! Sounded, again and again, true the speaker of her old laptop. A sound that her neighbor Luke, the closest friend Noa had, configured for her when a new mail entered. He did this on purpose, she hated the romantic comedy movie of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks.

You're not romantic at all, Luke blamed Noa with great sarcasm every time a new email came in his presence. Noa, despite her almost infinite attempts, had not yet managed to change it.


Noa opened her eyes and blinked slowly looking at the blurry screen. She started pressing keys without any sense, trying to stop that annoying sound bouncing in her head to survive her bad hangover.

-Oh God, I wish I never had that last drink!

With her arms half asleep because she slept on them, she rubbed her eyes and sat right in the chair, next to her she had a cold cup of coffee from the day before. Without thinking much about it, she took a slurp.

Little by Little, her sight came back and the words wore making sense on her laptop so finally she was able to read the email.

She received the email from a girl named Alana, of a company named Laycos Network.

-But, how long was I asleep? How could this be possible, she had already received a personal response from Laycos.


Dear Noa Macmillan,

My name is Alana Brown and I will be your assistant at Laycos. We are glad that you have contacted us. We saw that someone already invited you to Laycos with this email, how can we help you?

If you need a guided tour of the application we can make an appointment to explain our communication tool by video conference.

Kindest regards,
Alana Brown

Consultant of Laycos Network

-Is it really that simple? Noa only had to ask for a demonstration tour to see how Laycos works, exactly what she needed.

After this, it could not be difficult to investigate Mr. Steve Tanenbaum's account, after all, it didn't cost her anything, she only filled in the contact form the night before. After this free demo that Alana of Laycos offered her, she could continue with her investigation.

The next thing she did was sending a message to Alana to set a meeting for the demonstration as soon as possible. That same afternoon, Noa said goodbye to Alana who showed her everything she needed to know about Laycos...

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