Laycos got a new website!

Well, it's not a totally new website created from scratch, but we have gave it a new look, with more life and color. And let's don't forget the benefits for the company.

Now let's remember what Laycos has to offer you:

✔ The company will have centralized communication, and with safely.
Working in a team is very easy.
✔ Everything you need to work is connected and accessible from an internet device.
✔ Work from anywhere, anytime has never been that easy.
✔ Everyone knows what is pending, ongoing, or finished.
✔ Even through mobile app you can do almost everything as if you were working from your computer.

We are also very proud of the Laycos mobile app.


Laycos is adding everytime more and more features.

In the section Features you can find all the functionalities that will help speed up the process to understand what Laycos has to offer you.


We hope you like it, that it helps to convey what Laycos is, that it reaches more people and companies that need it to be more productive and grow.

Discover more about Laycos on our website, Use all your tools in one shared workplace.

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