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If you focus, you will achieve

Laycos has grown very fast since they started in 2012, everything was possible thanks to their amazing teamwork.

Become the main work tool to your users

To fulfill our goal we had to follow a series of guidelines:

The main functionality, which defines the product

Laycos is a tool to communicate and to organize information, which will give you a great result of your daily work.

Be aware of what your main values are. The functionality that represents us is a very important start, defining and keeping it clear will demonstrate its effectiveness throughout the entire process.

The system works with networks and groups, once you have created them you can manage the correct access to all of your information so you can work with the people in teams or customers which you need to fulfill tasks or services.

The strenght of the product

The foundations of any project must be solid and stable, it all depends on good development and infrastructure.

In Laycos we used the cutting-edge technologies supported by the international agreement, which helped us to develop our tool.

We created our own development from zero with our team to fulfill our needs.

The approach

If you focus on the development toward the needs of the users, it will show you points that improve the use of the tool, this is a common practice to the right path creating the perfect management.

The needs of our product can become a difficult task that requires attention. In Laycos we put all of our efforts into investigation and discovering what issues are those that require more priority for our users to deliver the best advantages.

Innovate to improve

Innovation is one of the most challenging tasks in a project.

Finding new needs before they arise is proposed is a really interesting challenge. The acceptance, the cost of learning, etc. are some of the barriers that exist whenever new features or changes in the operation.

To overcome these inconveniences is a capacity that we have almost turned into art at Laycos, to offer the improvements in the scoop. And remember...

If it's not in Laycos... it does not exist.

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Sobre Tamara de Ruiter

Marketing International & Communications at Laycos Network. Born and raised in the Netherlands, speaks 5 languages. Her favorite professional quote is KISS, Keep it short and simple.
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