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Are you interested in Laycos? Contact us and we will give you all the access and information you need to start with Laycos today.
Yes, there is a period of time in which the organization can try Laycos. The trial period will be defined by the size and characteristics of the company.
In a safe place, on our servers, guarded by a Cerberus dog who holds 7 invisible keys. If you want them to be somewhere else, contact us.
Laycos guarantees that everything shared on the platform is clean and that all files are encrypted with AES256

Laycos is also certified in the International Standard Information Security ISO 27001and the National Security Scheme..

The user can activate the Double Authentication Factor,, adding an extra level of security to their account.

All the information is in the cloud. We have servers in Europa and backups are made every day.
Contracting Laycos has a monthly cost of €4,98, defined by the number of users of the organization and storage option chosen. The monthly price per user is very competitive, since it also includes consulting, assistance in the implementation and resolution of doubts throughout the duration of the service.
When you join Laycos, it includes all the functionalities, it is not possible to eliminate change or delete something. But no worries ones you discover them, you will love them.
Yes, there is no permanence of any kind.
Yes. Employees, clients, suppliers, consultants and external collaborators. Anyone who is considered necessary for the development of the activity of your company.
You can contact us at info@laycos.net, or call us at +34 810 101 255.

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